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Shroud Eater - Shroud Eater (File)

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  1. Country of origin: United States Location: Miami, Florida Status: Active Formed in: Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal Lyrical themes: Revenge, Mythology, The Occult.
  2. Feb 12,  · After a brief meeting and impromptu jam the three felt the chemistry was right, and in January SHROUD EATER was formed. With the vibe of down-tuned, overdriven fuzz guitars cranked up, a powerful rhythm section laying down thunderous grooves, the trio erupts with gruff, raw vocals and an impassioned fury.
  3. From the eerie, ambient opening to the final crescendo, “ Strike the Sun” is a rare “all killer, no filler” beast of a record. By crafting a truly timeless album, Shroud Eater have managed to distinguish themselves as one of the noteworthy purveyors of American metal.
  4. We have copies of our split with @shroud_eater available. Head to our merch page to pick one up. We'll also be blowing out some old t shirt designs for real cheap to clear room in our merch box.
  5. An Interview With Jeannie Saiz from SHROUD EATER Shroud Eater have just released their first album in 6 years with Strike The Sun. Already receiving rave reviews, this hard-rocking trio have been going since and have released a string of acclaimed releases since that bigband.kataxevolkreenuamand.infoinfo: Outlaws Of The Sun.
  6. [Click play above to stream ‘Awaken Assassin’ from Shroud Eater’s Strike the Sun. Album is out July 7 via STB Records.] Likewise, as “It Walks Among” revives the full tectonic doom of their assault, it remains informed by the ambient stretch before it, and the material as a whole plays off.
  7. Apr 10,  · Miami metal stalwarts Shroud Eater know a thing or two about such distinctions. In the lead-up to their appearance at Radio-Active Records' Record Store Day after-party at Revolution's and Subculture's Block x Blog, the release of their new EP, and their ten-date tour with drone metal annihilators Holly Hunt, County Grind shot Jean Saiz.
  8. Dec 29,  · Shroud Expanded(Legacy) Description Discussions 1 Comments Change Notes ·Eater of Worlds now provides unique and powerful XL weapon for your battleship Compatibility issue: this mod overwrites vanilla file utopia_shroud_events. As far as I know, there are no current mods overwriting that file.
  9. Nov 25,  · Gaseous Form (Su) As a standard action, a shroud eater can assume gaseous form at will (caster level 10th), but it can remain gaseous indefinitely and has a fly speed of 30 ft. with perfect maneuverability. This ability habitually serves the creature solely to leave or return to its grave. Pestilential Stench (Ex).

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